Sunday, June 10, 2007


Workshop Photos
Collaborative Paintings

Group Exercise

Trading Paintings


Seattle Co Arts Workshop - 2007I recently taught a workshop for Seattle Co Arts, one of the oldest art organizations in the Seattle Area. We had a blast. All of these photos were provided by Martha Brouwer.

Here is one of the collaborative paintings the students did as an exercise. I think it is fabulous.

Here's a collaborative "Value" painting:

And a collaborative "Texture" painting:

Here are some photos of the students' work:

And the students:


Mary Lou and Sharon


Finally, here is a photo of me doing my demo.

And the resulting painting

Promo for 2007 La Conner Arts Workshop held in May.
This 3 day workshop provides the opportunity to break away from tight, restrictive painting rules and explore new possibilities. Students are taught concrete skills to increase confidence, authority and authenticity in their art work. The classes are energetic, conversational, productive and fun.

We will discuss the practical nature of Creativity: “Why” we value it and “How” it works in our paintings. Then we will simplify universal Design principles in order to understand a painting’s structure and composition. Finally, we will connect Creativity and Design in order to turn our own paintings into unique, personal statements.

This workshop is meant to be experienced as a fun, safe and inspiring environment which allows for exploration and experimentation. Class time includes exercises, talks, demonstrations, slide presentation and daily critiques, with emphasis on student participation in discussions. This class is suitable for both representational and abstract artists. Aqueous mixed media is emphasized.

For more information about the workshop, contact Robyn Williamson at La Conner Art Workshops:

For more information about Cathy Woo, see her web site at